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To kopi to pita

In a meticulously selected, exquisite venue, we had the pleasure of organizing an exceptional corporate event for about 50 members of a company’s staff, designed to foster team bonding and celebrate the company’s achievements. This event was a blend of leisure, culinary excellence, and memorable moments, tailored to ensure that every participant felt valued and connected.

We kicked off the event with engaging, fun-filled activities such as beer pong, table football, and pinball, providing an informal setting where team members could interact, laugh, and bond outside the usual office environment. These games were not just entertainment; they were carefully chosen to encourage teamwork, communication, and a bit of healthy competition among colleagues.

Central to the event was our open kitchen feature, manned by a live cooking chef who prepared a range of delectable dishes right before the guests. This live cooking experience not only added an element of culinary delight but also served as a conversation starter, bringing people together as they watched their meals being crafted from scratch with fresh ingredients.

Adding to the ambiance was our signature Feekuh cocktail list. Our bespoke cocktails, crafted by expert mixologists, were designed to complement the evening and provide a unique taste experience.
The highlight of the evening was the company’s pie cutting ceremony, a symbolic act that marked the beginning of new goals and achievements for the year ahead. 

This corporate event was more than just a gathering; it was a carefully curated experience that aimed to strengthen team bonds, celebrate the past, and look forward to the future with renewed enthusiasm and cohesion.

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