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Gender Reveal Party

A beautiful gender reveal party for our dear friends Mary and Nikos!

Having previously orchestrated Nikos’s surprise birthday bash, we were honored to be chosen again for this special moment.

This time, we had the incredible privilege of being the only ones entrusted with the big secret.

With a sealed envelope from their gynecologist, we planned the perfect reveal: a spectacular balloon pop and fireworks display in pink or blue. The event was a hit, featuring a delightful Baby Girl or Boy corner with pink and blue sweets, an open bar with a variety of drinks, and so much more.

The day was filled with joy, surprises, and heartfelt moments, and everything went off without a hitch.

Mary and Nikos, thank you for trusting us with such an important occasion.

It was an absolute pleasure to create memories with you once again, and we’re grateful to now consider you not just clients, but friends.

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