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Feek-Urban Sunset Party

Welcome to the origin, where the Feekuh story caught its first sunset - the Feek-Urban Sunset Party. Our inaugural self-hosted soirée took flight on the vibrant terrace of the Moxy hotel, marking a milestone for Feekuh and setting the stage for what would become a tradition of unforgettable events.

As the sun dipped low, casting golden hues over 250 smiling faces, we celebrated the essence of summer with every element meticulously crafted to enhance the evening's magic. The air was alive with the electric beats of our DJ line up, each track a perfect complement to the shifting colors in the sky.

Signature cocktails flowed like art, each sip a testament to the craft of mixology, designed to refresh and invigorate. And as if the music and drinks weren't enough to tantalize, the scent of live cooking BBQ filled the air, promising and delivering culinary delights that were both a feast for the eyes and a treat for the taste buds.

The Feek-Urban Sunset Party wasn't just an event; it was a declaration. A declaration of our passion for creating moments, for bringing people together, and for celebrating life at every opportunity. As the sun set on this inaugural event, it rose on the promise of many more to come, each with its own story, its own flavor, and its own unforgettable memories. Welcome to Feekuh, where every sunset is just the beginning.

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